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Ketchikan area goat hunting information

Alaska mountain goat hunting stories about our hunts webmaster Pat Lefemine wrote this story about a 1999 mountain goat bow hunt 

Pat Lefemine and Johnnie Laird head for goat country in 1998


Mountain goat hunting southeast Alaska with Muskeg Excursions

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August, September & October hunting


Congratulations to Anthony .. his Sept '09 Mt Goat officially scored 52 P&Y


Jason had a great combo hunt in late Aug / early Sept '06

Pat LaFemme, editor of BowSite and his bow and arrow goat


Your mountain goat hunting adventure starts on the Ketchikan waterfront, catching a float plane -- destination the Misty Fjords National Monument Wilderness Area. 


  Pat and his late August Mt Goat



After flying into an alpine lake, we usually negotiate 1,000 to 2,500 elevation feet of steep terrain to get to our backpack tent sites. For the next three to ten + days we climb around the mountains glassing, spotting and stalking "the beast that is the color of winter. "


Mike's '04 September Billie took 2nd in the APHA / SCI 2005 awards

Southern Southeast Alaska has produced and continues to produce top record book Billies.

Jason took this late September Billie on an '04 hunt

Weather plays a significant role in determining the enjoyment and success of your mountain goat hunt. The best weather generally occurs during August and early September, and generally deteriorates into increased rain, fog, and wind as the season progresses. 

This early October Mt Goat was taken on Glens '04 hunt

Southeast Alaska mountain goat hunters must choose between trophy quality and weather conditions. Earlier season hunts have better weather but shorter-haired goats. Late season hunts for longer-haired goats have a greater chance of being plagued by nasty weather.

Physical and mental conditioning is very important in preparation for these backpack style adventures. This is a very physical and demanding hunt. Muskeg Excursions knows what it takes to make it an enjoyable, safe and successful experience. 

Except for our early August hunts our Mt Goat hunts are scheduled for 10+ hunting days. The hunt includes relocating to Prince of Wales Island for Sitka Blacktail; Black Bear; Fishing and / or Sightseeing if time permits after tagging your Goat.


Mikael took this nice Goat and Black Bear during his '05 September hunt

We always suggest that you tag up for a Wolf or Wolverine, when season is open. We have had hunters that have had shot opportunities and have taken Wolf, which opens on August 1st, on the Goat hunt. Wolverine season season open Sept 1st.

During our early October hunt beside tagging for Wolf and Wolverine hunters can tag for Brown Bear ... and take on on a success fee basis ... during that time they have left the low land fishing and are feeding on the upland berries on there way to the dens.

George took this B&C Mt Goat on his Oct '07 hunt 

It took 3rd place in the APHA / SCI 2008 Awards

It also took the APHA / FNAWS 2008 Animal of the Year Award



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