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I'll be posting more pics as I get them loaded

In mid May Asst Guide John Rommen and Charlie and I hired a boat to take us over to

the Misty Fjords Wilderness Area

and drop us off for a week and a half. Charlie passed on lots of Brown Bears but took this

Cinnamon Black Bear

Then it was over to Prince of Wales Island for a Black Bear hunt with Claude. The weather got way hot and hunting was tough. The bears moved upland. Claude didn't score but we had a great hunt. Claude booked back in for spring '98.

Darren Crain from Australia came on a Black Bear Hunt. He took his Black bear on the 3rd day so we climbed the mountain where he took a nice Sitka Blacktail.

The El Nenio weather set in and totally washed out our next scheduled Sitka Blacktail hunt with Hudson, John and Dick. I canceled the next combo hunt that Charlie had booked because of the flooding and continued non stop pounding rain.

We finished the season with Ben coming in for a Mt Goat Hunt. The weather continued to pound us. After being weathered in Ketchikan for 3 days at the beginning of our hunt we finally got to camp. Out of 8 days we had 2 1/2 days of visibility. We did see a few Goats but Ben did not get on the Billy he wanted.




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