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Fall 2001

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We started out the fall hunts by trying a Mt Goat hunt during the first of August out of Hyder. We hiked up and set up camp from the road system. We spotted Goats but shot opportunities just did not work out for Mike & Bill.

Next we flew into The Misty Fjords Wilderness Area from Ketchikan.

Terry took this nice Mt Goat

Terry and his trophy

The weather pounded us bad on this hunt.

After Terry took his Goat there was something like 6 no hunt or poor visibility bad rain and windy days.Terry wanted to go over to Prince of Wales Island and finish his hunt up on Black Bear or Sitka Blacktail since the weather was so bad. We made it over there with several hunt days if the weather would let us. After an unsuccesful day of Bear hunting and a break in the weather Bobby and Terry climbed the mountain for

Sitka Blacktail


Richard and Glen were up next for a Mt Goat hunt. The weather continued to pound us with a capitol W! After many days of horizontal rain we had a break. Both Richard and Glen took Goats that day.

Here is Richards nice Goat


In early October Joseph came up for a Bear / Mt Goat combo. The weather still pounded. During that hunt we had two hurricane force storms blow through!

Joseph did manage to take a nice

Cinnamon Black Bear


This was the worst season for bad weather that we have ever had since I have been guiding hunters. We had 185 inches of rain this year!



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