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FALL 2007

Here are some photos from our fall 2007 season.

I'll put up more as I get them and get them loaded up.

After tagging a nice Mt Goat George went to the Island

George's October buck ..........

While calling deer one mid October day .....


David's Late Sept Buck and Bear

and Dana made Berry pies all Fall

And even a cake for Damir's 60 birthday !!!!!!

Damir traveled from Croatia to hunt with us. He took a nice Mt Goat over in the Misty and a good POW Island Black Bear. He hunted for Blacktail for several days, before going north to continue his Alaskan adventure with Billy FitzGerald, but we just couldn't get on one.

The Mt Goat and Bear photos are on his camera and we didn't have time to get them put on disk here in Ketchikan. I'll post the pics when Damir sends them on over.


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