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Southeast Alaska deer hunting with Muskeg Excursions


August Hunting:



Jeff with his nice '04 August buck




Alaska's deer season opens in August when most Sitka black-tailed deer are in the velvet and have their red summer coats. The deer are still in bachelor groups in the upper alpine areas on Prince of Wales Island.

Jason took this late August buck in '04

We hunt from remote backpack spike camps. This is a physically demanding hunt but the payoff is often good weather, lots of deer and a good chance for a record book buck. It's not uncommon to spot groups of 10 to 15 animals, mostly bucks. August days are long in Alaska. This time of the year can be buggy though. 


 Sonny James' September blacktailSeptember Hunting:

During early September through early October I conduct combination Sitka black-tail / black bear or single species hunts. Their hair can be in the transition stage between summer and winter during these hunts. The deer have shed their velvet and have started their pre-rut tendencies. We continue to hunt them out of alpine spike camps. The days have begun to shorten up and rain, fog and wind is on the increase. A P&Y or B&C scoring buck is always possible in my hunting areas. The genetics and minerals are there. 


Sonny James with a 
September POW black-tailed deer



Sitka bucks can be big ... Doc Browning with guides Brian and Bobby


Sitka Black-Tailed Deer Rut Hunt:

From late October to early December thick necks and winter coats make for very impressive Sitka black-tailed deer trophies.


Andy took this nice buck during  '05 November prime-time




We hunt the bucks in the mountains, muskegs and on the beaches depending on the weather and snow level. The bucks readily come into the call in Southeast Alaska starting in late October.




Brian called this buck in while hunting up high in deep snow during mid-November






In the 1996 rut hunt, I called in and took a rare non- typical deer that, at the time, ranked #2 in the Safari Club International listings. Another of my trophy deer took first award in the Boone & Crockett 21st Big Game Awards and you can read my story in that publication. This is my favorite North American big game hunt and Sitka black-tailed deer hunts are a Muskeg Excursions specialty....and we have seen some excellent success. 

Does this sound good? If this is the Sitka Blacktail hunt your looking for please give me a call, drop me an email or if you would rather, send me a note using our contact form

I'd be happy to talk with you about the possibilities!



RUT '08












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