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Black Bear

Prince of Wales Island

Charlie and his B&C Black Bear

A nice 'trophy' B&C Black Bear taken by Kevin

Kevin and Charlie having a great evening!

******** The first hunt of the season was a very good one. The weather was a little on the rough side but both hunters were tough and hung in there and it paid off. Charlie's Bear scored 20 15/16 (green) and will rug about seven feet and Kevin's scored 20 8/16 (green) and is about a 6 1/2 footer. Kevin took his on the next to the last evening and Charlie connected on the last evening of their 7 day hunt. Both Bears had very good quality skins and will make nice rugs. We are also looking forward to pepperoni and sausage that Mel over in Craig is smoking up for us.********



Misty Fjords


Tom and his nice 6 1/2 ft Black Bear

Pat and his Cinnamon (Black Bear)

**********Our mainland hunts went good. Tom and Pat both scored on very nice bears with very thick long hair. We had lots of windy days and the Canal had some 'big water' at times. Over all our weather was great. We had lots of Bear 'sightings'. And we had our fill of crabs a few times. Muskeg Excursions went 4 Bears for 4 hunters this spring. Three were 6 1/2 ft and one went 7 ft. Two will make the B&C Awards Book.**********


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