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I put my spring hunting plans on hold when my Mothers health started slipping away.

She passed in late March. We traveled to California to put her to rest.

My very close family friend Chuck Turner traveled out from Indiana to attend the services with his mother and his sister. Chuck is a Viet Nam Vet .... UDT / SEAL .... He now rides with the Viet Nam Vets MC ..... Chapter #1 ..... Bedford, Indiana.


Chuck decided to travel up to Alaska with us. I have been trying to get him up to visit for over 20 years.

We went over to the cabin on Prince of Wales and were blessed with some very nice weather. We decided to boat out and try a beach camp and look for a Bear. After sitting on a tide flat for the 3 days the wind changed and allowed Chuck to sneak up into position.

He waited for several hours for one of the Bears we had been watching to feed into good position. His shot was true from 65 yards with my .338. The Big Boar wheeled around and ran in Chuck's direction. The second shot at 45 yards also was on the mark. The Bear slumped.


The Big Black measured 7'3" from nose to tail and has a green skull measurement of 21 inches.



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