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I took my granddaughter Ashlyn down to the city park for the Kids Fishing Day back in mid June. She had just gotten a Sponge Bob rod & reel set up and was ready to catch a fish. There were small Steelhead planted in the ponds for the event. When we arrived the 5-year-olds were already fishing away. It didn't take long before Ashlyn had her first fish (in her entire fishing carrier) landed. She caught her limit of 2 and we then went to the prize drawing; casting contest; fish t-shirt printing and lure making. She took her catch home where her mother cooked it up for dinner. It was a great day.

This time the big one didn't get away !!!!


My son Tod and his wife Mona and son Derrick came up for a visit during the 4th of July. We fished quite a lot and everyone had a great time. This was Mona and Derrick's first trip to the North Country. It is a different world than their usual North LA region digs, kind of like outer space.

Mona started things out right by landing this nice Silver Salmon in Ward Creek.

Tod with one of his Silver Salmon. This is one of many fish we landed while fishing out of the skiff around Ketchikan.

But take a look at this string of Dollies that Derrick 'the fish slayer' pulled out of the Harris River while on a trip over to Prince of Wales Island. Derrick and I sneaked into one of my favorite holes on the river where Derrick got serious. It was sure a nice day for wading, which Derrick did and went over his boots a couple times.


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